Learn Git from Basic : Real time example with Explanations


What you’ll learn

  • Basic level knowledge about Git and gitHub and difference between them
  • Integrate Git with your Organisational Project as a Fresher and Experienced -Both Cases are covered from beginner level.
  • Execute different Git basic commands in the command line (Terminal for Mac Users, and Git Bash for Windows Users)
  • Integrate Git with Eclipse – using git Without command line (This is important part of this course for Beginer)
  • By end of this Course You will feel very comfortable using Git commands in your companies project(s)
  • Interview level explanation is given – Apart from Knowledge one can be ready for company Interview as well.
  • You will gain confidence with “Real time scenario” so that you can answer to anybody with confidence- This is Main focus.


  • * Prerequisites : JDK and Eclipse should be install
  • No Other prerequisites : Everything starting from what/Why/When/How is Git and GitHub and how to use Git using command line and Eclipse.
  • No Other prerequisites : This course almost covered everything from Beginner level


*********** Git is a Version control tool and a Good Software Engineer/Automation Tester should know how to use Git *************

With the help of This Course , we can learn Git and work with any stable company, or even a start up company .

Git is most commonly and most widely used as a version control tool .
Whoever is working as Software Engineer -Git knowledge is must.

What made this course Unique from other courses?

Only course on Internet which covers Real time from Basic explanation about Git.

Covered use of Git : Using Command lines and Eclipse

In this course, we are going to cover :

  • -Basic Introduction to GIT and GitHub
  • -Basic Git Terminology
  • -Downloading Git and Do Installation
  • -Creating Account on GitHub
  • -Creating Git Repository and pushing into GitHub
  • -Git Basic Commands and Real time use
  • -Basic Introduction of Git Branching and use
  • -Pushing code to the different Branches
  • -GitHub all the Options Explanation, So that one can answer most of the questions comfortably.
  • -Use of Project in GitHub
  • -Initialising new git Repository and cloning the latest code from master Branch
  • -Push the latest changes in Master using GIT commands
  • -Understanding the Basic Git Commands usage
  • -Creating new Branch using Git Commands
  • -Pushing the Changes into the Newly created Branch by Using Git commands
  • -Reverting the Changes into Repository
  • -Merging the changes into master with Explanations
  • -Last But Not Least : Interview Questions and Preparations

********************* WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE BEST? *****************************

Learn Git in very easy way with Real time interview question and Notes for each sections.


Course is prepared by picking real time scenarios How actually industry use.

Anybody can learn Git and use in his company very comfortably : We have explain from beginner level

This course explains :

At the end of this course you can use git comfortably and answered the basic question with full confidence.

***Keep Learning- Keep Growing*** and Wish you all the Best !!Who this course is for:

  • * Software Engineer : Software Developer and Automation Tester who has an interest in Version Control.
  • * This course is designed for anyone who is in the software industry. Version Control is most important.
  • * Any Experience who want to change Domain OR update their skills and Prepare for Git Interview
  • * Beginner/Fresher Automation Tester, Upgrading skills as SDET
  • * DevOps

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